Vi Shape Reviews

Vi Shape ReviewsThe Vi Shape reviews posted here are my personal experience with the vi shake. I love it, and have been using it to lose significant weight the past few months.

The Vi Shape Shake Mix by Body By Vi is a nutritional supplement for losing weight. It is intended to be used as a meal replacement if your goals are to lose weight. The Vi Shape shakes are the flagship product for Visalus Industries, the company that manufactures the products.I first encountered the Vi Shape mix when my husband’s friends were all using it at work, and he came home to tell me about it. I knew I needed to lose weight, and I figured

that if people were excited enough about it to be talking about it at work, then there must be something to it!

I ordered the vishape mix online, and got started on the Body By Vi diet plan. If you are not familiar with the way the diet

plan works, here is the basic idea:

That’s it! The simplicity of the plan really appealed to me, as I was very, very tired of being a full time calorie accountant! I would grow so tired of tracking every little bite all the time, that I would have to take breaks from it. Well, those day long breaks would turn into weeks, and then I would regain all the weight I had lost on traditional diet plans.

Vi Shape Reviews are in: The Vi Shape mix takes all the guess work out of weight loss.

Just follow the plan, and you will lose weight! I lost 6.5 pounds in my first week, and from then on, I was hooked!

The other positive thing about the Vi Shape mix that i will share with you in my vi shape reviews is that it is really very cheap, especially compared to other diet programs out there. I tried Medifast for a short time, and was spending 300 plus a month on food! Not exactly budget-friendly!

But the Vi Shape mix is only 49 dollars a month to replace 1 meal a day, or 99 dollars a month

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to replace 2 meals a day! That’s really even cheaper than many non-diet grocery budgets for 2 meals a day, so this can actually save you money while you lose weight. The other thing I liked was that I could get my shakes for free every month if I referred 3 friends to the program. Even better, right?

Based on the Vi Shape reviews, Try the Vi Shape Shake Mix today!



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